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Olivia Rodrigo – Deja Vu [Audio, Lyrics, Video] Download

  Olivia Rodrigo Deja Vu Mp3 Download Audio American actress and singer, Olivia Rodrigo unveils the visual to “deja vu” produced by Dan Nigro. Watch the...

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Holy Ten – Pay the Bill

Purely VHS, I synced the lyrics and the visuals, to show you real life. Go through the song, pay attention to the important elements I’m trying to express.
My biggest wish is for some soul out there to understand that you don’t have to go to extremes to prove a point on the gram, most of the people there don’t know your real condition.
It’s okay to be real, okay to be you.
Before the flex, take care of what’s important. Then of course, flex.


Before you pay attention to the flex, you gotta pay the bill
Stich Black told me that, life is a roller-coast-nigga never rollin’ back
God is outta patience, mercy’s what I hope he has
For your fake flex and for all of us, we put the likes when you posted that BS
Called you by your handle we forgot your name was Ian
Nah, nigga get a job all you ever get is DM’d

That’s Ms. Ellen there, always braggin’ over texts
But I know she’s sellin’ pussy for that Terranova dress
If you’ve ever done weed, understand the phrase
Nothing ever comes free
Cos now she gotta ride this nigga where ever the bus pleads
New hills, in return she’s getting that butt squeezed
Whatever this thug needs, people judge books by the cover (doesn’t matter whatever the front reads)

I know a nigga named, nah, never mind that, names are politics
But I was tryna tell this nigga go to school, help your momma, be real but you don’t know how hard it is
Cos he could be your nigga or the nigga that you owe
Everytime you say the truth, check the feelings that he shows
You go to extremes, put the pressure on yourself, so you could prove a point to these women you don’t know?

Nah, cut the BS dawg it’s time to cut the BS
Your momma’s working hard to get a couple RTG$
Who you tryna please?, no you’ll never satisfy em all
E’rbody got their needs homeboy.

You’re falling for the whores, whores falling outta character
Sorry for your dawgs, y’all voted for an amateur
Niggas lose focus everytime they see a camera
I’m counting all my days everytime I see a calendar

Hearts get broken when you flex too much
The pain’s too real, I put my head through such
These are the games rules bruv
Colleen came closer just to then lose touch

I first lost her, then lost me
Two years standing in the wait zone g
When the stakes on deck and the truth gets told
The heartbreak turns you to an ex-con g

Then you gotta pay the bill
Only when you’re down is when the devil wants to make a deal
But I never complain
The haters don’t fade and the haters don’t faint

I know a girl named Angel but a devil in disguise
with this nigga though she’ll never be his wife
Cos he’s already married, yeah I’ve seen the wife once
Now Angel momma’s wishin’ she didn’t do the nine months.

Angel Mama.

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